Those New Gundam Books
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These just in from Asahiya (with more on the way, of course): Gundam
Mechanics II, Gundam the Movies IX: New Mobile Report Gundam W Endless
Waltz Special Edition and Gundam Heroines.

Mark's already reported on GtM IX, so I won't say anything except that I'm
pissed that I now have it in hand when I haven't yet received GtM VIII:
Gundam 0080, Part 2. Asahiya USA tells me that, contrary to what one might
expect, they have no connection to Asahiya Shuppan and don't necessary get
word about upcoming or even current releases. Phui!

Gundam Mechanics II (1998.12.1, Hobby Japan, ISBN4-89425-188-4) 96 A5 pages
(48 in color) for 1,905 yen. Like it's predecessor, it's six-hole punched
for an A5 notebook, shipped in a cardboard slipcover. If anything, these
pages come out more readily than before -- I had a haf dozen separate on
the first scan through! GM I was blue, II is burgundy. It's a mix of MSV,
08th MS Team and 0083 mecha, as follows:

RX-75 Guntank Mass-Pro Type
RX-77-3 Guncannon Heavy Weapon Type
RX-79(G)Ez-8 Gundam Ez8
RMV-1 Guntank II
RB-79K Ball
RGM-79 Powerd [sic] GM
RGM-79N GM Custam [sic]
RGC-83 GM Cannon II
RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01
RX-78GP01Fb Gundam GP01 Fb
RX-78GP02 Gundam GP02
RX-78GP03S Gundam Stamen
RX-78GP03 Gundam GP03
FF-S3 Shaver [sic] Fish
FF-6 Tin Cod
FF-X7 Core Fighter
FF-X7-Bst Core Booster
FF-X(7)II Core Fighter II
Type 61 MBT
Hover Truck
MS-06E Zaku Forced [sic] Scout Type
MS-06F2 Zaku II
MS-06M Zaku Marine Type
MS-06RD4 Zaku Highmobility [sic] Test Type
MS-06V Zaku Tank
MS-07B3 Gouf Custom
MS-07H Gouf Flight Type
MS-07H8 Gouf Flight Type
MS-11 Act [sic] Zaku
YMS-16M Xamel
MS-21C Dra-C
AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra
Apsaras III
MAX-03 Azzem
MA-04X Zakrello [sic]
MA-06 Wal-Walo
AMX-002 [sic] Neue Ziel
Dodai YS
Dodai II

The Apsaras II apparently isn't listed because it's just another Apsaras,
while the Apsaras III is Something Else Again. Bandai's being coy -- the
dimensions of both machines is given as "unknown"! Both have a sensor
range of 3.2 km, but the generator power of the Apsaras is 1.4 MW and the
Apsaras III is 3.66 MW. The Apsaras III is also not dependent on its
Minovsky flight system: it can turn into a tripod reminiscent of HG Wells'
War Of The Worlds!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam Heroines (Heroine of Gundam 20 Years)
(1998.10.12, Takarajimasha, ISBN4-7966-1418-4) 160 pages (64 n color) for
1,800 yen.

It's pretty much just what the cover says.

The first 16 pages recap the main female characters from each Gundam
series, giving their names in Romanji (see below). The next 16 pages is
titled Doki Doki Romantic Selection, but by rights should be called Naked
Ladies of Gundam. Both sections are in color.

Next is the 48-page B&W Heroine Complete File, Part 1 (Gundam, Z, ZZ, CCA).

Back to color for 32 pages with the Type Of G Heroines section. We have
Ordinary People, Waves (I think they mean WAVES -- Women Accepted for
Volunteer Emergency Service -- from WW2 parlance), Noble Ladies, Kids &
Young Girls, Fascinating Adult Women, Eccentric Persons, Brave Leaders,
Engineers, and Beautiful Madames.

48 more B&W pages for Heroine Complete File, Part 2 (0080, F91, 0083, V, G,
W, X & 8MST).

Last but not least, the Killed In Action roster, listing the women and
which epsiode of which show they bought it, with two notable exceptions:
Minerva Lao Zabi is listed as being revealed to be an imposter in Z Gundam
(no episode cited) and Rezin Schnyder, of course, died in CCA, which had no

And now for the official English names from the Introduction. Place your
bets! Here they be, exactly as rendered (and I used the word advisedly) in GH:

Sayla Mass
Fraw Bow
Mirai Yashima
Clawle Hamon
Kycilia Zabi
Matilda Ajan
Lalah Sune
Emma Sheen
Fa Yuiry
Reccoa Londe
Rosamia Badam
Four Murasame
Beltorchika Irma
Sarah Zabiarov
Lila Milla Rira
Mauour Farao
Roux Louka
Haman Karn
Leina Ashta
Elle Vianno
Elpeo Ple
Chan Agi
Nanai Mingeru
Quess Paraya
Kayra Su
Rezin Schnyder
Christina Mackenzie
Monica Arno
Cecily Fairchild --> her alter ego isn't given, alas!
Leahlee Edaberry
Drosie Mua
Nina Purpleton
Cima Garahau
Maula Bashit
Shakti Kareen
Junko Jenko
Marbet Fingerhat
Fuala Glifon
Repet Cineau
Katejina Loos
Rain Mikamura
Manon Chapman
Chibodee Gals
Mikino Kasshu
Maia Luisa
Allenby Beardsley
Relena Darlian (Peacecraft)
Lady Une
Sally Po
Lucrezia Noin
Dorothy Catalonia --> they finally learned how to spell "Dorothy"!
Cathrine Bloom
Hirde Schbeiker
Tiffa Adill
Toniya Malme
Ennil El
Sala Tyrrell
Paala Sys
Rucil Lyriant
Caron Latt
Kiki Logita
Aina Sahalim --> just like they had it on the CD booklet
Karen Joshua

Th-th-th-that's All, F-f-f-folks! All the rest are in katakana....


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