Re: Gundam 0079 in English from Viz
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 19:15:44 -0800

At 00:30 12/4/98 -0800, you wrote:
> I recall somebody mentioning their plan to skip the individual issues
>and wait for the compilation volume, just like they did with Patlabor.
>That's a fine idea - if you want the Gundam comic to get cancelled, just
>like Patlabor. In the meantime, the plan is to sweeten the deal with cool
>background info. Hope you like it.

I usually do just the reverse: get the comics as they come out, then pick
up the collection if I *really* like the series, especially if they do
something extra for the collection like a gallery of pre-production
sketches and alternative covers, etc.

There are several reasons for this approach.

First, as Mark points out, there's no guarantee that there'll ever *be* a
collection and gallumphing around trying to round up all the back issues
you missed could prove more expensive in the long run. If, as Mark notes,
failure to support early sales results in discontinuation, you may even
find yourself with half a story even after all that.

Second, unless the collection includes a gallery of all of the covers of
all of the individual issues -- something they used to do routinely years
ago but almost never do nowadays -- collecting the individual issues nets
you dozens of sometimes marvelous illustrations (they almost always lavish
extra attention on the cover art, to entice you to buy what's inside) found
nowhere else.

Third, and most importantly, I get 'em as they're published because I want
to *read* them and can't wait two to three years for the hypothetical


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