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Mark Simmons (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 18:23:57 -0800

Ooh! Aah! Thanks to the new mailing list archive, I can reply even to
messages I downloaded to my home machine and don't have access to at work!

Michael Ip writes,

> No I do not wish to be cancelled, and I do not appreciate the
> implication (but no offence taken).

  Let me apologize for the snippy tone. I'd forgotten you don't have the
option of walking into a comic store and buying the issues - a completely
valid mitigating factor. And even so, it was a snotty comment - my bad. :-)

>I don't see why they can't release combined volume from the
> start, just like many manga in Japan.

  I'm not aware of many such examples in Japan - most of them are first
serialized in an anthology, though there must be exceptions.

  From what I understand, having heard the question raised over and over
again, the serialized format allows the publisher to fund the translation &
printing on an incremental basis, rather than sinking a pile of money into
the work in one fell swoop and then finding out it didn't make the money
back. Basically, the monthly issues are supposed to at least break even,
and then the sales of the compilation give you your actual profit.

  There are probably other ways to work it, but this seems to be a system
that cautious publishers are happy with. Given the terrible state of the
comic industry right now, I don't blame them for keeping the risk factor to
a minimum.

> The comix industry in New Zealand is declining bad, and the only
> reliable source of manga for me is over the internet, and I really do
> not wish to order monthly Gundam manga direct from the US. Airmail will
> be costly, and I fear that goods may be damaged (though just slightly)
> in transit via surface (as I have experienced before).

  Perfectly reasonable, and I apologize for not taking it into account.
After all, I could have figured this out from your e-mail address. :-)

> It's all very well telling us to support the release of anything Gundam
> in English, so that businesses are encouraged to continue to supply it
> to us. However, correct to win my support, they have to get the
> distribution and the format that is to my liking. Selfish, maybe? I'll
> let you decide, but I already know that when ever an opportunity like
> this arises, I may lose out, I may not, either way I'm not too
> concerned, after it's not the ned of the world.

  Fair enough. I guess it's up to me and Julie to make the monthly issues
worth picking up, even for those who plan to get the compiled volume
anyway. ;-)

-- Mark

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