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Mark Simmons (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 18:09:48 -0800

Probe writes,

> Just like the Modern US. Less island bases, more 'base-ships' and
>dispersed fleets.

  And thus, no more Pearl Harbors...

> Another thing: If you don't HAVE a big space fortress, you don't have a
>big juicy target for your enemies to try and take over/co-opt!

  Exactly. While Jaburo held out against everything Zeon could throw at it,
the California Base wasn't so lucky; Zeon's initial Earth invasion overran
the Federation's number two base, capturing all sorts of manufacturing
facilities and pretty much the entire Federation submarine fleet. Why
create freebies like that for the enemy to capture?

> And there are ALOT of empty colonies left over after Jion's gas-attacks.

  Plenty of 'em! The four colonies of F91's Frontier Side could easily have
been constructed out of the scrap formerly known as Side 4.

> What does Angel Halo actually DO anyhow? Isn't it a giant "Brain Juice"
>antenna of some kind? (Basically a giant psychoframe?) How big was it
>anyway, and what did it look like?

  I think it was supposed to be 120 kilometers in diameter, though it's
been a while since I looked that up. It's basically a sort of huge psycommu
device, allowing the thousands of "psychickers" on board to manipulate the
minds of entire populations. The specific application the Zanscare Empire
had in mind was to destroy the higher brain functions of the Earth's
population, regressing them to infancy or even a vegetative state - in
short, bloodless genocide. In smaller doses, it can create hallucinations,
as it does to Usso during the Angel Halo warm-up test.

> Speaking of megastations... where the heck WAS the Libra space station
>in WG and how come nobody noticed it until it was right over Earth,
>blasting away? Who made it and for what reason?

  It was originally designed by the Romefeller Foundation/OZ, but captured
by White Fang when this organization mutinied against OZ. Like Gryps 2 or
Axis, it's a mobile object with big ol' engines, allowing it to move about
the Earth sphere. I recall it was constructed in lunar orbit, then made its
way towards Earth by way of one of the nearby colony clusters.

-- Mark

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