Re: Solomon Question

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 18:44:50 -0700 (MST)

> It's true, most of the large objects in the Earth sphere have been either
> blown up, or trashed and abandoned. Maybe that's why they don't seem to be
> in a hurry to create new ones...

  Right, they've shown their usefullness to be at an end, why repeat the
mistakes of the past?

> In general, after the One Year War there's a trend away from the huge
> mega-bases, probably because of their proven vulnerability. Jaburo becomes

  Just like the Modern US. Less island bases, more 'base-ships' and
dispersed fleets.
  Another thing: If you don't HAVE a big space fortress, you don't have a
big juicy target for your enemies to try and take over/co-opt!

> where the Federation fleet is headquartered in the post-CCA era, but it
> kinda looks like its ship are mostly based at individual colonies rather
> than immense megafortresses, and since no new ships are being built they
> don't need those huge shipyards.

  Which makes alot of sense. The population of the Gundam world was
DECIMATED. They needed to put their resources into rebuilding the world
for people, not making fancy new spaceships or starbases.
  And besides, who would dare try and repeat the horrors of the 1YW

> Ah, but what for? No new colonies are being constructed, no ships are

  And there are ALOT of empty colonies left over after Jion's gas-attacks.

> being built, and the Federation seems to have opted for decentralization

  Which is an intelligent decision on their part. The megafortresses
seemed to have been more of a liability than an asset. Especially with
megaweapons like the "Solar System", an immobile base is a sitting duck!

> construction projects are the Zanscare Empire. Considering the immense size
> of Angel Halo, it couldn't have been built without the use of asteroid

  What does Angel Halo actually DO anyhow? Isn't it a giant "Brain Juice"
antenna of some kind? (Basically a giant psychoframe?) How big was it
anyway, and what did it look like?

> resources. We're told that the Jupiter fleet helped in its construction,
> and since the entire assembly is composed of plug-together segments, it
> could have been built in the Asteroid Belt and then sent to the Earth
> sphere in pieces (all the better to avoid drawing attention)...

  Makes alot of sense to me!
  Speaking of megastations... where the heck WAS the Libra space station
in WG and how come nobody noticed it until it was right over Earth,
blasting away? Who made it and for what reason?

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