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Mark Kuettner (mkuett@hotmail.com)
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 17:37:23 PST

>> Was not Protoculture the reason Macross vehicles could last so long
>> (12 years at constant use, I think?) without resupplying or
>> A clever way to avoid all that real science technical data Gundam has
>> to give for it's MS stats.
>> Mark Kai
>"Real" science. Minovsky particles. Uh, yeah. Whatever bits of fancy
>the Robotech series employed its level of bullshit science is equal to
>Gundam in that regard, only different. Whereas Gundam chose to create
>a new particle with secondary good and bad benefits Robotech chose to
>with the previously unknown energy source idea. Which has nothing to
>with Macross, I know.

I think in this situation it's relative, but to me Gundam tends to back
up its stuff a little more scientifically. Yes, they both take
their share of "artistic liscense", but it's hard for me to believe
all the technical discussions made by -Z-, Mark, Probe and others on
here about nuclear generators, apogee motors and material composites,
things that are a intrigal part of MS constuction, is all "bullshit".

>You want 'bullshit', take a look at the new Popular Science (Dec.) for
>great article on air bubbles in water and resonating sound waves that,
>when they implode, produce a blue light and create temperatures hotter
>than the sun. And no one knows why this happens. It can be reproduced
>easily (enough to make what looks like a constant light source in the
>water) but that's about it.

People used to believe the world is flat, that the moon is made of
cheese, and that you could meet Elvis if you flew into a Black Hole.
People will always make claims without the ability to prove it with
fact. It creates drama. Just like a story:>

>And anyways, the Destroids were a much more realistic attempt at combat
>mecha than mobile suits with their elaborate limbs and heads. I only
>wish Macross had had more scenes on land with those grunts instead of
>always showing us just Valkyries all the time. And, of course, they
>could do away with that idol singer crap.

30 minutes of stuff blowin the krap outta each other...variety is the
spice of life.

Mark Kai

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