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> The WG, piloted by Une (I think) got slagged by the Libra Laser and fell
> back to Earth, presumably FINALLY destroyed...
> This makes the WG perhaps the most unfortunate Gundam ever... it almost
> never works without getting itself blown up!

Yeah, Wing Gundam is most likely the most under-appreciated Gundam ever!

I mean, it is the only Gundam ever to get severely damaged in the opening
credit for God's sake!

It was abandoned in the very first episode it appeared in, then slammed by a
torpedo, self-destructed, its replica was blown up, then spends about half a
series in underwater somewhere, gets immobilized few episodes later after
it was recovered, and re-appears again only to be damaged beyond repair.

No other Gundams ever had to go through that kind of abuse...


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