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Mark Kuettner (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 14:41:11 PST

>In my opinion, I don't care if Giant Humanoid
>Mecha look real or not, I like Mecha because they are cool besides,
>technically Mecha are not even real and don't even exist yet or Mecha
may even
>never exist in real life at all.

I don't think the "fantasy" mecha genre has gained the popularity of
the "realistic" mecha genre, because the idea of mecha to the mass
public is pretty much the Gundam-esque type of mecha. Eva broadened
things a bit, but for the most part mecha, as thought of in the basic
sense, stays in these guidelines:

A) Huge size

B) Male-type body configuration

C) Gun totting

D) Highly detailed (Hydraulics, panel lines, etc.)

Gundam, in a sense, is the "Superman" of mecha. Just as Superheroes
in comic books, for the most part, echo the Man of Steel's physical
attributes, most general mecha in entertainment hover near that
Gundam ideal look.

I like to know how Gundam technology works,
>but don't want to go over board on tech stuff. I quit reading straight
>and I stick to Sci-fi/Fantasy and Fantasy novels now. Most
>novels get way too into detail and tech stuff and eventually half way
>I am bored outta my mind and watching grass grow is beginning to look
>exciting! ^_^

Well, to each his own. Some people love techy stuff. Just take a look
at how much more technical current Star trek episodes are than TOS.
Movies are another example. In situations were movies are based on
books, sometimes the movie will "dumb down" the script in order to
give it more mass appeal, such as a Tom Clancy or Arthur C. Clarke
story transferred to the screen. I think TV and movies have made us
care less about the details in stories just because of the fast pace
they go by, where they cannpot afford time to give info that is not
essential to the plot. Books have that luxury of having a lot more
breathing space to do fill in detail; one of the many perks to reading
the book to seeing the movie.

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