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Mark Simmons (
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 14:32:37 -0800

Hard_Case writes,

>Yeah. Actually, from what I remember, the Wing and Shen-Long Gundams
>were decently manouverable in space. I mean, win had it's Bird mode,
>and Shen-Long I remember had decent thrusters and fought in space.

  Not really. The Shenlong was only barely mobile, like the Sandrock;
remember Wufei skewering his own Gundam with his beam glaive, so that the
reaction of escaping gas would enable him to escape OZ's mobile suits?

  Heero, like Trowa, knew better than to even try taking his Gundam with
him. He leaves it on Earth, and when Lady Une rockets up into space with
it, it's strapped to a huge booster.

  All in all, the original five Gundams appear to be either immobile or
only barely mobile in space. Hence the upgrades.

Probe asks,

> Cool! Did they attempt to make it look like the DS was being piloted by
>the "Enemy of the State"? What did they use to smash it? (Considering no
>weapons seem to work on the G-suits?)

  It didn't seem like they were staging a pretend battle, just taking
potshots at the drifting wreck. Trowa ended up zapping it with a beam
cannon, since beam rifles were pretty much ineffective.

>Also, didn't the scientists rebuild it into the DS-hell using the remains
>of the original DS? (I.e., there must have been alot of scrap left over,

  Guess so. Both the Deathscythe and the Shenlong visibly lost limbs, so
these must have been fabricated anew from raw materials. The Wing and
Sandrock's self-destruct systems, by contrast, didn't seem to vaporize any
of their body parts. But when the WIng takes a glancing blow from Libra's
cannon at the end of the series, everything but the upper third of the
mobile suit is atomized, making a repair job pretty much impossible.

-- Mark

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