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Rodrick Su writes,

>For that matter, lets look at all of the astroid bases and large
>non-colony installations...

  It's true, most of the large objects in the Earth sphere have been either
blown up, or trashed and abandoned. Maybe that's why they don't seem to be
in a hurry to create new ones...

  In general, after the One Year War there's a trend away from the huge
mega-bases, probably because of their proven vulnerability. Jaburo becomes
a supply depot, Luna Two a sort of glorified storage dump. I'm not sure
where the Federation fleet is headquartered in the post-CCA era, but it
kinda looks like its ship are mostly based at individual colonies rather
than immense megafortresses, and since no new ships are being built they
don't need those huge shipyards.

>La Vie En Rose is blown away in ZZ Gundam.

  Lots more where that came from. La Vie En Rose is just one of many such
docking ships, and it's only about 500 meters in length anyway.

>Do you see a trend here? They keep on blowing up valueable piece of
>real estate without actually replacing them... I figured it would not
>be that much of a hassel to go out to the astroid belt, attach a
>nuclear engine to a suitable piece of rock and push it into Earth
>Spere for mining and other purposes. So why aren't there more astroid

  Ah, but what for? No new colonies are being constructed, no ships are
being built, and the Federation seems to have opted for decentralization
rather than fortress-building. The Crossbone Vanguard have access to Buffo
Junk Inc.'s colony scrap recycling empire.

  The only people who might want and need resources for massive
construction projects are the Zanscare Empire. Considering the immense size
of Angel Halo, it couldn't have been built without the use of asteroid
resources. We're told that the Jupiter fleet helped in its construction,
and since the entire assembly is composed of plug-together segments, it
could have been built in the Asteroid Belt and then sent to the Earth
sphere in pieces (all the better to avoid drawing attention)...

-- Mark

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