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Mark Nguyen (
Fri, 04 Dec 1998 13:12:42 PST

>From what I remember, the original Deathscythe was made a public
>when it was captured from the Gundam's mass exodus to space. As Duo,
>by the authorites, watched on the giant public monitor, it was smashed
>by several Oz mobile suits.....much to Duo's anguish.

But much to Duo's delight, they apparently salvage what's left and make
it into the DH-Hell! Thus, continuing to prove that (Wing-Universe)
Gundams consistently don't get destroyed even if you WANTED it to blow

The Wing Gundam self destructed, but they put it back together; ditto
for the Sandrock. Deathscythe faced it's "terminal" fate. I don't know
about the others. Apparently all the MS survived to the final episode.
What kind of Gundam series is that?! :P

Whatever happened to the first Wing Gundam, anyways?


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