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What happened to Solomon? In 0083 Gato nuke it with a very high yield
nuke, though it apparently didn't destroy the base within from
watching the anime. The nuke Gato launches uses Minovsky fusion, so
it should be very clean, and very high yield, meaning that the astroid
should be ok except having the external
shell turn into glass.

I know that Feds abandand it as their Space Force HQ after 0083
incident, but it would still be a valueable piece of real estate in
space, not to mention all of the valueable military hardware that is
imbeded into the rock.

For that matter, lets look at all of the astroid bases and large
non-colony installations...

A Bao A Qu was Zeon's final line of defense in front of the Side 3,
and it was smashed in Zeta Gundam by Axis.

Axis was bought by Char's Neo Zeon faction in 0093, and on its way to
smash into Earth was break up by Bright Noah and crew, and 1/2 of the
astroid was deflected by Amuro.

Luna 2 was nuked by Neo Zeon in 0093, its nuke stockpile stolen by
them, but it should be ok as a military installation still.

La Vie En Rose is blown away in ZZ Gundam.

The only other very large structure in space I can think of are the
Jupitor Energy Fleet ships and Angel Halo in Victory Gundam, which I
didn't saw, so I don't know its fate.

Do you see a trend here? They keep on blowing up valueable piece of
real estate without actually replacing them... I figured it would not
be that much of a hassel to go out to the astroid belt, attach a
nuclear engine to a suitable piece of rock and push it into Earth
Spere for mining and other purposes. So why aren't there more astroid

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