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> I recall somebody mentioning their plan to skip the individual issues
>and wait for the compilation volume, just like they did with Patlabor.
That was me.

>That's a fine idea - if you want the Gundam comic to get cancelled,
No I do not wish to be cancelled, and I do not appreciate the implication
(but no offence taken). I have to think of practicalites from my end, as
well as personal preferences in the format of the final product. I don't
see why they can't release combined volume from the start, just like many
manga in Japan.
        Yes I under stand the concept of costs and how it applies to translation
of manga. However Viz customers are a niche market, all of whom will
probably already know of Gundam and probably would be willing to purchase a
combined volume straight off. Just for the record, I prefer my manga in
combined volumes.
        The comix industry in New Zealand is declining bad, and the only reliable
source of manga for me is over the internet, and I really do not wish to
order monthly Gundam manga direct from the US. Airmail will be costly, and
I fear that goods may be damaged (though just slightly) in transit via
surface (as I have experienced before).
        It's all very well telling us to support the release of anything Gundam in
English, so that businesses are encouraged to continue to supply it to us.
However, correct to win my support, they have to get the distribution and
the format that is to my liking. Selfish, maybe? I'll let you decide, but
I already know that when ever an opportunity like this arises, I may lose
out, I may not, either way I'm not too concerned, after it's not the ned of
the world.

>just like Patlabor.
What a shame...but Ranma is still running :) But now I wonder if Akira
suffered the same way. However as far as I can rememeber, combined volumes
were not released until after they had a about a years suspension of the
monthly manga.


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