Re: Some questions about Zeta Gundam and Macross

Mark Simmons (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 19:39:41 -0800

Sean Miller asks,

>Is it correct to assume transforming in Gundam is just for
>Atsmopheric entry?

  Nope, not at all. In fact, the Z Gundam's Wave Rider mode is about the
only transformation that's designed for atmopsheric re-entry. Most
transformations serve only to line up all the thrusters behind the mobile
suit's center of mass, sacrificing manueverability for sheer speed. Let's
see if I can think of any that serve additional functions...

  Asshimar: Streamlined for atmospheric flight
  Psyco Gundam: Transforms to use Minovski craft system
  Z Gundam: Atmospheric flight & re-entry
  Bound Doc: Transforms for protection, maybe
  Guntank R-44: Full of tanky goodness
  Tomliatt: Transforms into funny-looking helicopter

  Bawoo, ZZ Gundam, S Gundam, V Gundam, V2 Gundam, Zolo: Separation

  That's about all I can think of...

-- Mark

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