Re: Some questions about Zeta Gundam and Macross

Mark Nguyen (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 19:18:21 PST

>Just curious, how long can a nuclear reactor run without new fuel? (Or
>heat pile system...whatever that is)

Heat pile = nuclear fusion. The heat from the fusion of fuel (likely
Deuterium; it's generic enough) is used to explosively heat a reactive
propellant for thrust. Actual mileage has never been determined.

>The Valkyries did burn propellant in the vernies, and with those huge

Ditto for Gundam...

>What do Space-Whales eat?

Space Whale food..? Macross 7 takes quite a few liberties with realism,
but hey, the mechas are cool!

>In Macross the origin of transforming planes (besides the obvious
>is to combat the alien enemy in any enviroment right?

Hardly. Historically, Gundam was the first series to use hard scientific
theory in its background and as part of the story. Macross pioneered the
use of realistic ("looking", at least) transforming mecha in addition to
scientific theory.

>Anyways Egan hopefully wil pop up and set us straight.....

I didn't think he was on this list, but he has a funky way of turning up
if someone *whispers* the word Macross!


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