Some questions about Zeta Gundam and Macross

Sean Miller (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 21:53:43 -0500

><< I mean for the Macross, the battleship, itself, not the Valkrie. I
> I remember seeing Valkrie doing some resupply on the TV series. How can
> Macross last so long in space without any resupply of food and water?
> fuel? It's not Star Trek, you know...

Just curious, how long can a nuclear reactor run without new fuel? (Or a
heat pile system...whatever that is)

>I am refering to Robotech, but the Macross/SDF-1 did resupply at the Mars
>Base, which I think was called Sara Mars Base.

The Valkyries did burn propellant in the vernies, and with those huge
What do Space-Whales eat?
In Macross the origin of transforming planes (besides the obvious infuences)
is to combat the alien enemy in any enviroment right? Is it correct to
assume transforming in Gundam is just for Atsmopheric entry?
Anyways Egan hopefully wil pop up and set us straight.....

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