Giren's Movies [Was Re: Gundam Project auto-plug]

Mark Simmons (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 18:24:49 -0800

Regarding those Giren's Greed cut scenes, Eddie asks...

> Cool! Got any URL where such coverter can be downloaded?

  Let's see. Instructions (in Japanese) can be found at
<>. It says to grab an AVI
converter for the Saturn's standard CPK format - two such, acpk2avi and CPK
Helper, can be found at
<>. Then grab
the movie you want, copy it to your hard disk, and change the filename
extension from CAK to CPK. The converter should then be able to convert it
to an AVI file.

  The disc contains 31 movie segments, named movie000.cak to movie029.cak
and movie199.cak. You're warned that they total hundreds of megabytes in
file size. :-)

  The one catch here is that the CPK-to-AVI converters are Japanese-only. I
suppose US programmers just aren't sufficiently excited about the Saturn...

> Once you convert it to AVI it'll be a cake converting it to QuickTime.

  Yep. Let me know if you get that far...

> BTW... are you still working at MacAddict? Why aren't you doing the
>doodles anymore?

  Yep, still here, and I'm back on the doodles. I went on strike, but a
month later I transferred over to the print side, where I have time to
cartoon again.

-- Mark

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