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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 16:50:52 -0800

Eddie says,

> In-hand combat poses (e.g. holding the machine gun and aiming at
>you) is preferred... having them separate and aside does not give a sense
>of scale.

  Even if, say, they were shown right next to the mobile suit itself?

> I don't seen to recall seeing that color scheme on the C-type...
>but it's been a long time since I played Giren's Greed.

  It's shown in the CG-illustrated catalog of mobile suits, but I don't
think it appears in any of the cut scenes.

> I think BuyRite ( is blowing out their copies of

  Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it.

> Wish I did... does Walfisch has a list of conditions that'd allow you
>to see the cut-scenes?

  They just released an expansion disc that lets you view cut scenes at
will, but apparently the scenes are just files on the CD-ROM that can be
accessed if you pop it into a PC. According to one Japanese site, they're
in "CAK" format, and a CAK-to-AVI converter is available for Windows.
Doesn't do me much good, but if you have access to a PC, you might be able
to suck 'em right off the disc.

-- Mark

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