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Edward Ju (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 15:51:12 -0800

>Eddie writes,
>> They are pretty cool, but it would be even cooler if the armament
>>of each type is shown as well.
> Good idea, and since they're all done up as layered Photoshop docs, it
>would be easy to drop in armament on a separate layer. Would you prefer the
>weapons to be clutched in their mitts, or drifting off to the side for
>scale comparison purposes?

        In-hand combat poses (e.g. holding the machine gun and aiming at
you) is preferred... having them separate and aside does not give a sense
of scale.

> Alternatively, I could do a few special installments on mobile suit
>weapons. Most of 'em are shared among several different mobile suits, after

        I prefer to have them in hand with the proper "owner".

> Nah, the A type was a dead-end prototype. Shin Matsunaga's first Zaku was
>a C type, with standard colors but a white head and shoulder (as faithfully
>depicted in Giren's Greed). I didn't do it in the lineup because, frankly,
>the color scheme looks stupid. It would be different if the rest of the
>body were in shades of gray, but green and white is dopey. :-)

        I don't seen to recall seeing that color scheme on the C-type...
but it's been a long time since I played Giren's Greed.

>Incidentally, since I've yet to get my mitts on the game - which I
>hopefully will this weekend -

        I think BuyRite ( is blowing out their copies of

>my renditions based on Giren's Greed are
>derived from game hint books and Walfisch's notes. According to Walfisch,
>the actual depiction of some Zakus in the cut-scene animation (specifically
>Ranba Ral's and the Black Trinary's Zakus) differs from the CG poses shown
>in the hint books. Is there anyone on the list who's seen the actual
>animation, and who could compare notes with me?

        Wish I did... does Walfisch has a list of conditions that'd allow you
to see the cut-scenes?


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