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> Then what's the purpose of that wierd aircraft-like-shape that it takes?
>(or at least, a pointy shape)? Just to align thrusters? That seems kinda
>dumb. The Zzssa, an upgraded Methuss like MS looks even more aircrafty
>with that huge point booster nacelle.

    I think the aircraft-like shape Methuss takes is to give Methuss a mean
of "giving it all to the thrusters" so it can outrun some of the opponents,
and so it wouldn't need these things (what do you call those things that
made the MS able to fly?) when it's down on Earth. Besides, it is more like
a testbed to see if a transforming MS is mass-producable...

> Right, but I have seen some lineart of the G-Defensor wrapped around the
>Mk.II and the Mk.II's arms and legs folded back as if it was in some sort
>of 'aircraft mode'. I took that to mean that it gave the Super-Gundam the
>ability to fly like a plane in atmosphere... Don't know if it's true or
>not of course.

    I just remember seeing Super Gundam in a sort-of airplane like form
(basically just the Gundam Mk-II standing straight up, so it would look just
like the regular G-Defensor, except for the heavy bagage of Gundam Mk-II of
course!) on the TV series, but I am not sure if that's what you're talking

> Well, at least over HERE it's considered to be one of the most realistic
>animes ever, at least in the Giant-robot vein.

    Acceptable, since other "realistic" robot shows never made it to the US
until recently...

> That argument doesn't make any sense... you can say the same for ANY
>transforming robot! ESPECIALLY the Zeta, which in effect, copies alot of
>the Macross-transformation in a more simplified manner.

    That's why I asked the question in the first place!!!

> What, Gundams can fly around and never refuel but if a Valkrie does it
>you've got a problem with it?

    I mean for the Macross, the battleship, itself, not the Valkrie. I think
I remember seeing Valkrie doing some resupply on the TV series. How can the
Macross last so long in space without any resupply of food and water? about
fuel? It's not Star Trek, you know...

Edmund Chiu

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