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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 14:55:45 -0800

Eddie writes,

> They are pretty cool, but it would be even cooler if the armament
>of each type is shown as well.

  Good idea, and since they're all done up as layered Photoshop docs, it
would be easy to drop in armament on a separate layer. Would you prefer the
weapons to be clutched in their mitts, or drifting off to the side for
scale comparison purposes?

  Alternatively, I could do a few special installments on mobile suit
weapons. Most of 'em are shared among several different mobile suits, after

> BTW, the white Zaku I with an orange shoulder - isn't it what
>"White Wolf" started out on?

  Nah, the A type was a dead-end prototype. Shin Matsunaga's first Zaku was
a C type, with standard colors but a white head and shoulder (as faithfully
depicted in Giren's Greed). I didn't do it in the lineup because, frankly,
the color scheme looks stupid. It would be different if the rest of the
body were in shades of gray, but green and white is dopey. :-)

Incidentally, since I've yet to get my mitts on the game - which I
hopefully will this weekend - my renditions based on Giren's Greed are
derived from game hint books and Walfisch's notes. According to Walfisch,
the actual depiction of some Zakus in the cut-scene animation (specifically
Ranba Ral's and the Black Trinary's Zakus) differs from the CG poses shown
in the hint books. Is there anyone on the list who's seen the actual
animation, and who could compare notes with me?

-- Mark

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