Re: Some questions about Zeta Gundam

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 15:52:39 -0700 (MST)

> >was a Titan's-only design?
> No, they didn't. If they do, AEUG don't need to capture the Gundam
> Mk-IIs to get the movable frame technology...
  Ah, right, I'd forgotten about that.

> > But wasn't there a transformable atmospheric-capable MS already, i.e.,
> >the Methuss?
> I seriously doubt Methuss can enter the atmosphere without other
> equipment. How can it withstand the re-entry? It doesn't have any mechanism
  Then what's the purpose of that wierd aircraft-like-shape that it takes?
(or at least, a pointy shape)? Just to align thrusters? That seems kinda
dumb. The Zzssa, an upgraded Methuss like MS looks even more aircrafty
with that huge point booster nacelle.

> > And didn't the G-Defensor give the Mk.II this capability as well?
> Same as Methuss. The Super Gundam (Gundam Mk-II plus G-Defensor) is
> supposed to be a quickfix way of giving Gundam Mk-II additional firepower

  Right, but I have seen some lineart of the G-Defensor wrapped around the
Mk.II and the Mk.II's arms and legs folded back as if it was in some sort
of 'aircraft mode'. I took that to mean that it gave the Super-Gundam the
ability to fly like a plane in atmosphere... Don't know if it's true or
not of course.

> You have to realize that Macross is never that high on realism in the

  Well, at least over HERE it's considered to be one of the most realistic
animes ever, at least in the Giant-robot vein.

> eyes of the fans. Would you create something like the Valkyrie, where the
> transforming sequence is so complex that just one thing going wrong, the
> plane would be a sitting duck for those agile heat seeking missiles? Gundam,

  That argument doesn't make any sense... you can say the same for ANY
transforming robot! ESPECIALLY the Zeta, which in effect, copies alot of
the Macross-transformation in a more simplified manner.

> mostly, at least try to give the fans some realism... (I still cannot get
> over the fact that how can Macross survive without any refuel...)

  What, Gundams can fly around and never refuel but if a Valkrie does it
you've got a problem with it?


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