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Thu, 3 Dec 1998 15:44:55 EST

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<< >>>What happened to the 5 Gundams in the series? How come the Gundams used
>>>in the Endless Waltz series were different ones?
>> Bandai redesigned the Gundams so they can sell more kits but sticking
>>to a proven formula.
>More to the point, TV is now deemed a children's venue in Japan and OAVs
>are the teen/adult medium. The original Gundam W designs were therefore
>rendered in primary colors with a view toward realization as
>battery-operated toys as well as models, while the later OAV mecha were
>rendered in more a more somber color scheme and remodeled along more
>"realistic" lines.
         This does not pass the straight-face test. How can you say that
 when the OVA version's Wing Zero has FEATHERED WINGS?! How is that more
 Its probably used for psychological war fare. Its ike an avenging angel of
death =) Besides would you rather have wing just use the two guns OR see him
suddenly spread his wings power up and fire =)


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