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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 11:41:34 -0800

Hi folks,

  I know this is going to seem awfully self-indulgent, but I wanted to let
y'all know about a new tweak to my little Web site. As you probably know,
I've been running a series of features on classic mobile suits on a
more-or-less weekly business, then collecting them on an ever-growing
archive page. Yesterday I reorganized the MS Classics archive into
sections, and I'd have to say the thumbnail-decorated index page is worth a


  I'm doing these in roughly chronological order, so the next few additions
will include the Zaku Marine Type, the High Mobility Zaku, the Desert Zaku,
and the Federation's Operation V mobile suits, all in various color schemes
and variants. Hope you like 'em!

And now, in apology for the brazen bragging, here's a plug for somebody
else's site. In researching the early Zaku variants, I've found all sorts
of cool info at Walfisch's Zaku Page. This site has a catalog of variants
(many rendered in 3D, presumably courtesy of the ubiquitous Virtual
Modeler), an index of every character who's ever flown any kind of Zaku,
and arcana like detailed notes on every Zaku variant that appears in
Giren's Greed cut scenes.


  If your browser doesn't hanasu Nihongo, here's a direct link to the
mobile suit database. It's divided into four sections - One Year War-era
mobile suits, post-war mobile suits, unofficial mobile suits, and Zaku
weapons. Most of the contents are identified by model number, so you should
do fine from then on.


-- Mark

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