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>>In the MS Encyclopaedia 98, the ZMSV shows that there are three variants of
>>the ZG protype, all with the model stamp MSZ-006. hat makesit at least 6
>>protypes before a the 'final' protoype (ZG) was. What I would like to know
>>now is what is ZG supposed to have evolved to? As far as I can see, mass
>>production of ZG never saw the light of day. Only a few ZPlus ever made,
>>and I am convinced that ReGZ was never mass produced.
> It's not that hard to believe, since it's the first "major" transforming
>MS that AE ever produced. Methuss didn't really count since almost everybody
>agreed that it doesn't really look anything like Zeta Gundam. With such a
>complex transformation, it is reasonable for AE to create several prototypes
>to make sure everything that is put in Zeta Gundam is perfect. Besides, each
>prototype might be a testbed for some sort of feature (maybe biosensor?)
>that is not found in other Zeta prototypes. I never read a lot of Gundam
>reference books, so I might be wrong...

Another Methuss/ZG observation, the ZGII MSV in the transformed type also
looks very similar to the Methuss. Here's a theory, perhaps the Methuss
was slated to be ZG, and I don't mean IN the anime, but FOR the anime.
Why would the transformation used by the Methuss be echoed in ZGII and the
ReGZ Back Weapon System (if you really call that a transformation)? I
don't to argue to the death with anyone on the Methuss and it's evolution
to other things, but I just want voice my observations.

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