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If I had to guess, it was due to the fact that they were forced to develop
powerful mobile suits for OZ...I can't remember the names offhand, but the
with the powerful cannon, and the one with the almost impenetrable shield.
They felt that these new suits were at least a decent match for the current
Gundam's, so they vowed to develop new and more powerful versions to counter
their own, with the mobile doll being developed...and
what happened to poor Duo's Deathscythe....


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> <continuation to my EW question>
> In the story, what event/crisis/objective made the scientists/designers
> of the 5 original gundams created the new ones? Is it because of
> Operation Meteor (Is Operation Meteor still in EW?)? Were the original
> ones destroyed? I'm asking this because I don't know where to get the
> videos here and I only have Gundam Wing vol. 1-8.

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