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>hold on a moment. Camilles first encounter with Rosamia was before his
>first encounter with Scirocco was it not? If I recall correctly, Rosamia
>was also in a transformed MS. I'm getting confused.

    No, Camille saw Scirocco first. Camille first saw Rosamia when Camille
first came down to earth, while Camille saw Scirocco's MS when he is going
down to earth.

>it wasn't that bad...maybe it was because it was such a beast f an MS that
>Camille was so surprised. I'd certainly s**t my pants of what appeared to
>me a spacecraft of some sort, pulled up 5-10 metres in front of me and
>transformed into an MS.

    Agreed. His transformed MA is perhaps the most "normal" looking of all
the tranforming MS found in Gundam history...

>You last statement is probably more correct than mine. >_< But now think
>more carefully. The Methus has almost no torso...similar to what we
>'expect' (I don't know of that is the correct word to use) in the torso of
>ZG. I'll have to look at Methus more carefully to look for not so obvious
>transformations. I am nore likely inclined to believe that the Methus is
>structurally and functionally more realted to ZG than the 100Shki or the
>Rick Dias

    If I remember correctly, Methuss was created to test the transforming
aspect of Zeta Gundam, while Type 100 is the test bed for the movable frame
aspect of Zeta Gundam. Rick Dias is not really related to Zeta Gundam except
that Camille use Rick Diaz, as well as Gundam Mk-II, as reference when he
"created" Zeta Gundam.

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