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At 21:48 2.12.98 -0700, Probe wrote:
> Apparently the Zeta incorporates elements of these MS... which leads
>to the supposition that those previous MS were designed explicitly for the
>creation of the Zeta itself.... which I'm not sure I quite believe, since
>this seems at complete odds with the way things work in Gundam (since when
>have we seen three prototypes leading to one Gundam? When have we ever
>seen so many MS designed just to test individual elements of a final MS?)

In the MS Encyclopaedia 98, the ZMSV shows that there are three variants of
the ZG protype, all with the model stamp MSZ-006. hat makesit at least 6
protypes before a the 'final' protoype (ZG) was. What I would like to know
now is what is ZG supposed to have evolved to? As far as I can see, mass
production of ZG never saw the light of day. Only a few ZPlus ever made,
and I am convinced that ReGZ was never mass produced.

>> Dias. I was under the impression that Camille designed the whole thing
>> himself. Quite an achievement really (well it's in the 'blood').
> Which is really really hard to swallow. He might be smart but he's just
>some punk kid! Designing a MS from scratch? Bah!
> But then again, this is Gundam...

hmm, do you think Camille was mildy autistic or even a mild savant.


Michael Ip

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