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> Yeah, I think you're right about that. Were all the RX designs in ZG
>produced at Gryps? Then which ones were the RMS series then?
I haven't the foggiest. I know there was a essay on the meaning of letters
preceeding the MS/MA model numbers, but I haven't managed to ever find it
again :(

>> Camille never saw a transformed MS until his first encounter with Scirocco
>> in that purple trasforming MS of his (Messala?). If I recall correctly,
>> Camille's first reaction to the MS was one of surprise.
hold on a moment. Camilles first encounter with Rosamia was before his
first encounter with Scirocco was it not? If I recall correctly, Rosamia
was also in a transformed MS. I'm getting confused.

> Well, I think everyone was surprised by that, it was a scary situation
>and a very scary looking MA!
it wasn't that bad...maybe it was because it was such a beast f an MS that
Camille was so surprised. I'd certainly s**t my pants of what appeared to
me a spacecraft of some sort, pulled up 5-10 metres in front of me and
transformed into an MS.

> I don't believe that at all! The ReGZ stands for "Refined Gundam Zeta!"
>Now they do say that the Zeta itself incorporated lessons learned from the
>transforming Methuss (which looks NOTHING like the Zeta nor transforms
>anything like it). So I guess you can say that the ReGZ comes from the
>Methuss by _way_of_ the Zeta Gundam (which is kinda meaningless).
You last statement is probably more correct than mine. >_< But now think
more carefully. The Methus has almost no torso...similar to what we
'expect' (I don't know of that is the correct word to use) in the torso of
ZG. I'll have to look at Methus more carefully to look for not so obvious
transformations. I am nore likely inclined to believe that the Methus is
structurally and functionally more realted to ZG than the 100Shki or the
Rick Dias

> Well, the Master-Grade kit, which I expect is supposed to be technically
>accurate, uses these very tiny folding little arm thingies that haul the
>entire structure and flips it around during the transformation. Really
>hard to swallow!
arghh, stuff those piddly plastic kitsets, go for the resin ZG Fujita
version :) Now that is sweeter than the MG hands down, so what if it
doesn't transform?


Michael Ip

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