Re: Some questions about Zeta Gundam

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 21:48:51 -0700 (MST)

> I don't think so. I'm sure MkII was a Gryps MS. Is anyone certain which
> fed MS's were produced by Anaheim during the Gryps Crisis?

  Yeah, I think you're right about that. Were all the RX designs in ZG
produced at Gryps? Then which ones were the RMS series then?

> When I first joined the ML, I was kinda surprised that people said, with
> references, that Zeta was the 'final' from MS likes the 100Shiki and Rick

  Apparently the Zeta incorporates elements of these MS... which leads
to the supposition that those previous MS were designed explicitly for the
creation of the Zeta itself.... which I'm not sure I quite believe, since
this seems at complete odds with the way things work in Gundam (since when
have we seen three prototypes leading to one Gundam? When have we ever
seen so many MS designed just to test individual elements of a final MS?)

> Dias. I was under the impression that Camille designed the whole thing
> himself. Quite an achievement really (well it's in the 'blood').

  Which is really really hard to swallow. He might be smart but he's just
some punk kid! Designing a MS from scratch? Bah!
  But then again, this is Gundam...

> his work and prevents Astonange seeing what he was doing.

  Might have Astonished Astonage...

> Camille never saw a transformed MS until his first encounter with Scirocco
> in that purple trasforming MS of his (Messala?). If I recall correctly,
> Camille's first reaction to the MS was one of surprise.

  Well, I think everyone was surprised by that, it was a scary situation
and a very scary looking MA!

> As for the Methus, I have no idea how this all fits in. BUT the Methus
> eventually evolves in the ReGZ Custom in CCA. If you don't believe me,

  I don't believe that at all! The ReGZ stands for "Refined Gundam Zeta!"
Now they do say that the Zeta itself incorporated lessons learned from the
transforming Methuss (which looks NOTHING like the Zeta nor transforms
anything like it). So I guess you can say that the ReGZ comes from the
Methuss by _way_of_ the Zeta Gundam (which is kinda meaningless).

> >> model. If they were trying to trump the Valkyrie with an elaborate
> >> transformation, I think the designers overreached.
> I was about to say that the ZG transformation was complex, but in
> hindsight, it's SIMPLE. I have to agree with Probe here.

  Yeah, there's lots of little fiddly bits and little swinging flaps and
things, but _essencially_ there's not a whole lot going on in the
transformation. Honestly, I like the ZetaPlus transformation better than
the odd Zeta transformation.

> >transformation and the head-sliding means the MS torso is effectively
> >EMPTY, (and I don't see how it can have a linear seat or the wraparound
> >spherical display). Also, the "Nosecone Shield" is a big cop-out
> You and me both @_x on both accounts :)

  Heh heh heh...

> >And those wing binders are
> >connected by a rube-goldberg jointed arm system which is simply to complex
> Do you mean those black wing thingys on ZG's back? I always got confused

  Yepper... That's what they are!

> as to how that actually worked. I only had a ZG HCM which I when I
> transformed, I have ot pull bits off, and it was very diffuclt for me to
> comprehend HOW the damn thing shifted those wings to the front. Even the
> NewType Mechanical Edition 2 did not do a good job of explaining it.

  Well, the Master-Grade kit, which I expect is supposed to be technically
accurate, uses these very tiny folding little arm thingies that haul the
entire structure and flips it around during the transformation. Really
hard to swallow!


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