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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 19:20:45 -0700 (MST)

> What I'm saying is essentially the for the Feds, a ball bearing from the
> knee joint of a GM-G would probably work very nicely in a GM Sniper, but
> that a ball bearing from a Rick Dom wouldn't do much good at all in a
> Zaku. With Jion fielding large quantities of very different mobile
> suits, it would be difficult to keep a steady supply of parts going and

  That's absolutely right.
  One might speculate if the war would have gone quite differently and
swung in the Jion's favor if they'd simply continued producing Zaks and
Zak-Rs the entire war instead of holding back and waiting for the delayed
Rick Doms and Gelgoogs.
  But one must also note that what really killed Jion wasn't the _war_, it
was all the infighting between the territorial and greed Zabis who lost
sight of the long-term goals of the war to fight their own petty little
battles. If Kishiria hadn't hogged all the best technology, who knows what
might have happened!

> in inventory. Unlike the Feds, who would have a supply of interchagable,
> generic parts that could easily be swapped between suits.
  That's a great reason for the standardization of MS.
> Towards the end of the 1YW, Jion was pulling out all the stops and
> fielding pilots in untested prototypes or even outdated MS (eg. the
> MS-05 Zaku I). I wonder how much of this was because some MS troops had
> a whole lot of MS without compatible parts:

  I wouldn't be surprised at all if (as we see in 0083) pilots would start
in the best MS they could get their hands on and then simply 'slide down'
to whatever MS was available when their primary MS was damaged. As we see
with the Scratchbuilt Dra-C in 0083, as well as Cima's Gelgoogs, the
remaining Jions were forced to cannibalize MS left and right to keep their
surviving MS running. (of course that was after the war so it's hard to
say if that was the situation _during_ the war as well, but I wouldn't be
surprised if it was.)


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