Re: Some questions about Zeta Gundam

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 19:10:27 -0700 (MST)

> 1) What is Camille's contribution to Zeta Gundam? In the TV series, he is
> the one who create the overall design of Zeta Gundam, based on the designs
> he has seen on Rick Diaz and Gundam Mk-II (at least that's what I get from

  But it seems to me that Anaheim built the Model-100 _specifically_ to
test the 'inner frame' mechanisms that would be used to build the Zeta. It
seems just too hard to swallow that Camille, just a kid, would be able to
come up with the whole design for the Zeta on his own. At best, he
designed some of the 'aesthetics' of the overall design.

> watching it). From the various books I read, it seems that Camille is the
> one who come up with the head design (the closing and opening of antenna)

  Oooh! Big deal!

> and about the transforming into Waverider so it can go into the atmosphere
> without any extra equipment.
  That seems to be a simple evolution of the Methuss MS which seemed to
have been designed to test transatmospheric MS technology... not something
that Camille actually came up with on its own.

> 2) Why is Zeta Gundam's transforming so complex? The other transforming MS

  To compete against the Macross Valkyries?
  To be honest, the Zeta Gundam's transfomation is very much like the
Valkyrie's, though simplified considerably in the cockpit/nosecone area
with the shield-nose cop-out!

> in Zeta, like Psycho Gundam, Methuss, etc., the tranforming sequence is
> relatively easy and plain (just move your arms and legs into place, and
> maybe put something over the head) while Zeta's transforming sequence is a
> pain in the neck (I have the MG, so I know it is a real pain).

  I think the REAL reason it's a pain in the neck is because it's pretty
much not-realistic/possible!
  Look at the MG kit! The entire huge MG binder sections are held on by
these teeny little folding arm segments that open up and 'stretch'! You
can't POSSIBLY expect something not much bigger or wider than a human to
be swinging around those 10-ton engine/wing packs!


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