Paul Lampshire (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 23:31:05 -0000

>I can't believe it. For all of the times I had to wait months for my
>to come in (ordered the MG Char Gelgoog in May which came in November,
>etc.) I am now getting paid back in spades. I ordered the PG Gundam on the
>15th of November and It was shipped on the 30th. BARELY Two Weeks!!!! The
>only other item I have had come near to thisa was when I got my MG GP-02a
>shipped in less then two months. BUT TWO WEEKS?? HLJ RULES!!!
>Sorry for my excessive rambling/bragging...

How much are they charging you in postage, BTW?

It's costing me 6200 yen [I don't think that a little SD sailor Uranus will
make much difference to the cost]
And yeah, shipped on the 30th - I wasn't expecting it to be out for a couple
of weeks yet...

Anybody put an order in before October 14?

And, while we should be nice to them for their quick turnaround, I'd just
like to thank them for their sheer persistance in tracking down the SD
Sailor Uranus, most places would have given up after 9 months...

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