Re: Hizack

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 09:11:31 PST

>>> Or perhaps just alot easier to maintain?

>>Heres an idea - maybe the Hizack makes use of a lot of readily
>>available Zaku parts, thus lowering production costs and using up
>>all those surplus Mono-Eyes that were placed in storage?

>The thing is though, that the HiZak may LOOK alot like a Zaku, but >all
the parts are subtly different! The torso, and legs are >completely
different, and the feet are almost Kampferish actually!

Some time ago we established that unlike the Feds in the 1YW, the Jion
MS came from many different production companies. This would be a
logistics nightmare to keep a steady supply of parts! One wonders if
this applies to the various mass-production MS seen in ZG.


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