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Rodrick Su asks,

>Everybody agreed that Hizack is a POS relative to the Zeta
>era. Its inability to wield more than one beam weapon at
>a time plus other major deficiency makes me wonder why Feds
>and Titan produced in such numbers. I means, for the amount
>of money they throw at Hizack production, they can better
>spend on upgrading existing GM lines. I understand that this
>is Titan's attempt to intergrate working Zeon technology into
>their Fed technology, but it seems like they are getting the
>worst of both world.

  And certainly, the GM III - and even the GM Custom and GM Commando - show
that the GM can be upgraded to pretty high performance (it is a
mass-produced Gundam, after all!). I don't really know why they made so
many, but here are a few more guesses...

* It could be real cheap.

* They might have only belated realized how much it sucks. According to EB
2, the Hizack was made in UC 0084 (around the same time as the GM Quell,
therefore). Its partial panoramic cockpit, slightly lower generator output
and weapons limitations indicate that it's technically inferior even to the
GM II. Perhaps the Federation cranked out a bunch of 'em, in hopes of
capitalizing on its captured Zeon technology, and then found out they
weren't so hot after all?

>In terms of performance, how is Hizack against GMII, Nemos,
>and other low end MS?

  Not too good. The differences between it and the GM II are mostly matters
of degree - a few percent lower generator output, a couple percent higher
thrust-to-weight ratio, a tad more propellant - but the beam weapon
restrictions and half-assed cockpit display are demerits. Compared to the
Nemo, which is lighter, more manueverable, has a higher power output, and
is armored with Gundarium, the Hizack just plain sucks.

  One curious aspect of this is that we never really see what the
mainstream Federal Forces are using as their main mobile suit. At one point
they send out a few Hizacks, and at others they use One Year War-vintage
Galbaldy Betas, but otherwise they just seem to use vintage MSVs. In fact,
not only do they produce new units of some Zeon designs (the Galbaldy, the
Gouf Flight Test Type, the Zaku Marine Type) but they even design original
mobile suits based on the Zeon designs (like the Zaku Mariner seen in ZZ).

  In all, the Federation seems to have stopped its mobile suit development
altogether. Aside from the GM II, a refit of the GM left over from the One
Year War, the only new mobile suits it produces are based on Zeon designs
and Zeon technology. Could this be political? Or maybe a full-employment
program for the now-pacified Zeon Republic?

It seems that Probe has been thinking along these lines, too...

> 2. HiZaks may actually have better/more modern avionics and
> other electronics than the GMs

  The only quantifiable indicator we have here is the sensor range, which
is near-identical for the GM II and Hizack. This suggests it's a wash, and
I'd say the GM II's full panoramic display tips the balance.

> 3. Perhaps the GM reactor isn't powerful enough to use the HiZak
> beam-pistol weapon? Do we know much about the HiZak's puzzling
> reactor output?

  The GM II rifle does seem to be inferior to the Hizack's - slightly lower
output, and no E-pack. Perhaps this is a trade-off to allow it to use a
beam saber, or perhaps the GM II and Nemo could use a Hizack beam rifle if
they wanted to...

> 4. The Fed may be trying to employ as many Jion designers as
> possible to 'keep them out of trouble', just like we, in RL
> have been employing alot of Russian scientists. The HiZak project
> may have started as a purely political movement.

  This is starting to sound kinda plausible. I'll see if my reference shelf
offers any support for the theory.

> 5. The GM was a wartime design made on a shoestring budget just
> to get a MS into production. The HiZak may have been designed
> as a modern GM intended for peacetime patrol/riot-control
> purposes, and not for heavy combat.

  Hm... but given that even an outdated, half-assed GM upgrade nearly
trumps the Hizack, it's hard to see what advantage the Zeon-based design
could have.

-- Mark

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