Re: Hizack

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 09:32:20 -0700 (MST)

> a time plus other major deficiency makes me wonder why Feds
> and Titan produced in such numbers. I means, for the amount
> of money they throw at Hizack production, they can better
> spend on upgrading existing GM lines. I understand that this

   It sure seems like that, but who knows, these are the Feds after all,
and for some reason Bandai always likes to make them look stupid.
   But here are some considerations that you may not have thought of:

        1. HiZaks may be cheaper to build with their semi-monocoque
        construction than GMs
        2. HiZaks may actually have better/more modern avionics and
        other electronics than the GMs
        3. Perhaps the GM reactor isn't powerful enough to use the HiZak
        beam-pistol weapon? Do we know much about the HiZak's puzzling
        reactor output?

   And, from my knowledge of how RL politics work:

        4. The Fed may be trying to employ as many Jion designers as
        possible to 'keep them out of trouble', just like we, in RL
        have been employing alot of Russian scientists. The HiZak project
        may have started as a purely political movement.
        5. The GM was a wartime design made on a shoestring budget just
        to get a MS into production. The HiZak may have been designed
        as a modern GM intended for peacetime patrol/riot-control
        purposes, and not for heavy combat.

> is Titan's attempt to intergrate working Zeon technology into
> their Fed technology, but it seems like they are getting the
> worst of both world.
  Who knows, perhaps the senator from the GM-district got outvoted by the
Republican caucus from the HiZak heartland?

> In terms of performance, how is Hizack against GMII, Nemos,
> and other low end MS?

   I'd like to know too! I'd suspect it's on par with the GMII and Nemo
actually. Perhaps even more maneuverable and with more thrust? Gunei after
all kept a "Hobby HiZak", so it must have been good performance-wise at


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