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> > * PG Gundam that just hit the shelf in Japan, but they are labeled "Ver.
> > 1.0" They may be coming out with Ver. 2.0 depending on what consumer
> > says...
> Are you saying that they may modify the kit, add parts, or even remake
> parts depending on how well it sells or complaints, etc? Very interesting
> modelling strategy, helps explain the price I'd say!

Actually, the idea behind version is another ultimate gundam should be made
with the new technology in 2 or 5 years down the road. Sorry about the
confusion. But of course, they said they'll take what consumers say into
account, so ball joint may come back if enough people think it should be

> > * The idea originated from Kawamori's sketch of Gundam with
> full hatch open.
> Ah, I think I've seen the Sketch. Yeah, that was one of the things that
> disappointed me about the MG series of kits, ever since I saw the
> beautiful "Full Hatch Open" picture of the Gundam Mk.II in the HG
> modelling manual. Too many "Pull away" armor slabs and _no_ jointed
> hatches that open to reveal internal components (like you'd have in a real
> military machine), except in the cockpit areas of course.
> The PG Gundam seems to not just have a plastic shell but an
> _articulated_ plastic shell, which is just plain awesome!
> The head even seems to have an 'expanding' jointed shell that 'pushes
> open' instead of levering open.

Interesting thing is, they were planning on shipping PG with crystal armor
only, and let the people paint the model, but the idea was dropped...

> > * There's a lot of cylinder in the model, because they decided
> to do away
> > with ball joint and polycaps to bring the sense of realism.
> They especially
> You mean 'pistons'?


> > * "beam saber that lights up" is originally considered for the
> scanner!? It
> > was originally a part of scanner or something like that, but
> without this,
> > whole "accessory kit" would've been in jeopardy...
> "Scanner", what are you referring to?

like, you know, scanners that scans pictures into digital image.

> > * Including screws, there's 664 parts to this kit
> I hear there are white metal parts and metal springs in this kit... Do
> you know where they are used in the kit?

Sorry, no idea.

> > * Kishiyama says it is physically not possible to finish this
> kit in 4 and
> > half hours. He himself took 8 hours to finish this kit when he put it
> > together, and this is the guy who finished MG Gundam in 30 min.
> Whooo... After some pre-assembly painting and stuff I finished the Mk.II
> in about four hours of modelling... though I broke it up over a couple
> days. Eight hours!? Whoo! That's like two weeks of real modelling! (I
> expect he didn't paint anything.)

Right. And this is professional modeller we are talking here. But anyway,
they expect us to take about a week to finish this kit, but obviously it'll
take longer if you want to make it look very nice.

> > * The plastic has higher ratio of color in an attempt to reduce the
> > shininess of the plastic, without making too fragile.
> Huh? What do you mean by that? Are you saying they put more color into
> the non-white parts so the parts look 'brighter' or something like that?
> Wierd. Or are you saying that the parts look more 'matte' in appearance
> like the greenish plastic used in the Gundam GP-01? (Which was a pain
> because you couldn't use regular paint-remover on it without damaging the
> plastic!)

They were just trying to remove the "cheap" look and feel of plastic. Maybe
I should have said pigment instead of paint...


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