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Bernard Ng (
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 04:59:20 PST

Hi pple,

I need some help here, just starting to play SD G-Generation after a
long break....... here are some questions:
1) Can someone tell me how to get the quest demos in the various

2) just got my first Gundam in the game, RX-79(G), I am in Stage 9 now,
is there anything missed?? How to get the Blue Destiny and the really
really cool enemy MS it faced?? BTW, what the hell is it!!!!

3) The MS I am using now is the flight(?) and armored(?) versions of the
Gouf, the Dom, the RX-79(G), the mobile armor found in 08th MST and the
GM found in the Blue Destiny scene. Do anyone know how far and what I
can develope these MS into?? I really don't want to invest XP on a dead
end MS, like I did for the Zaku.

4) Do anyone have a listings of the various misson statments?? I seem to
recall someone mentioning about a guide book on the game, how good is it
and where can I find it?? Is is text heavy?? 'coz I can't read Japanese,
but I can read Mandarin.... well barely ^_^

Thanx for the help.....

Just to throw in my two cents worth on the recent thread on models....
I really hope, and I mean really, that they will come out with a MG Rick
Dom II (0080 version), Dom Tropen, Kaempher, Sazabi and the GM custom in
that order...... Maybe even the Xeku Eins *_*


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