Re: 1YW MG's make you snore.........

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 23:42:50 -3100 (MST)

> I hate to be a whiner here, but I think anything from the 1YW at this
> point would make a boring MG kit, with the exception of a Katoki-ized

  Yeah, I think it's true.
  Problem is, early in the MG line they were producing revamped,
Katoki-ized retoconns of the classic designs. That was pretty cool! But
lately they're been going back to 'by-the-book' retro-70's classic designs
which are boring boring boring!
  I think the problem is that the MG line _started_ as the "Ultimate Final
Word in Models" and then, when they started selling so rapidly, became
"Another Midrange Expensive Model kit before the Perfect Grade". Hence
they're trying to make 'safe' decisions by making old retro designs that
the old-fogies will definately buy and the newbies will buy simply because
it's MG.

> Gyan or a MSV design like the Perfect Gundam. I say...ON TO 0080 or
> CCA MG's...

  I wish they would, but I'll bet you that they won't!

> Now hold on there!! We still need our DOM!!! But then again, I wouldn't mind
> a Rick Dom II from 0080
  I really REALLY hope the Dom is of the 0080 variety. To way THIS LONG
and then get a blando, smooth, featureless 1YW retro-Dom would be a real
kick in the groin!


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