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>1) I just bought the Gundam Crossover Notebook 1, it looks to be a collection
>of "updated" mecha from 0079 and 0080, to make them look more realistic (paint
>scheme and design wise), can anyone tell me what this is?

It's a collection of the works of Kazuhisa Kondoh, covering a period from
1988 through 1997. Sources include the Gundam 0079 manga that Kondoh did
from Dengeki Comics (1995-97), Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: Standby OK!
(Fujimi, 1990), Hobby Japan (1990), B-Club (1988-89), FamiSoft (1992),
Movic (1989) and MS Saga (1994-95). I did a complete review of it some
time back, which should be in Kota Futajima's Gundam ML Archive:

>4) Which CD can I find the ending theme to Char's Counterattack on?

Beyond The Time by TM Network is Track 15 on the Mobile Suit Gundam:
Gyakushu no Char OST (Epic/Sony 32-8H-5003), the one (and so far as I know)
only CCA soundtrack album. It was released by Son May Records as SM-7. I
expect it'll be reissued next year, which is the 10th anniversary of CCA as
well as the 20th anniversary of original Gundam.

It's also the next to the last track on the second disc of the Gundam
Odyssey double-CD (King KICA-57/8). This was also released (albeit much
more recently) by Son May, but I can't seem to find the number for it.

Running time is 4 minutes, 51 seconds.


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